Friday, 15 July 2011

Onwards and upwards in the twittosphere !

We've hit a landmark over on Twitter this week, gaining our 350th follower. Now in just two or three months, this is quite steady progress, but our followers all appear to have an interest in Autistic spectrum conditions, and we've weeded out the usual quotient of spam followers as well, so actually, 350 is quite an achievement. There has been quite a strong interest from the education sector as well. With children being more commonly 'mainstreamed' with support, many more teachers are having experience of children on the autistic spectrum in their classes and of course, this poses challenges for learning and teaching, with more differentiation of materials and teaching styles necessary. This is where following Scottish Autism on Twitter can be an invaluable source of help and advice. We have a Delicious social bookmarking account which has links to research and good practice, and a Scoop.It page with news and opinion. Both of these are updayed on a regular basis and togethe, provide a wealth of useful information and contacts.

We're always happy to try and answer questions on Twitter and Facebook, or at least point you in the right direction. So follow us on these sites and check out our bookmarking and content curation for the regular updates. All the resources ae tagged and so are easy to find using the site search engines.

And dont forget to have a look through the resources for education over on our website. You can also find details here about how to become a member of Scottish Autism which entitles you to extra web content and other useful benefits...

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