Monday, 22 August 2011

A wee bit about us and Autism...

  • Autism affects an estimated 50,000 people in Scotland, or 1 in 100 people.
  • Scottish Autism is the only Scottish charity to focus solely on autism support and services across Scotland.
  • Scottish Autism offers innovative and highly personalised services for individuals across the autism spectrum.
  • Scottish Autism consistently works to raise standards of education, care, support and professional development.
  • Scottish Autism provides targeted, individual support focusing on different priorities within an individual's life such as occupational, leisure and recreation, life skills, domestic skills, emotional support, coping with the impact of ASD, community activities.  They also help people at college and living away from home..
  •  Autism includes the condition known as Asperger Syndrome, which describes people who show the same characteristics of autism to a greater or lesser extent, but are of average or above average intelligence and seem to have good communication skills.
  • Autism is a lifelong condition which isolates the child or adult from the world as we know it.            It  affects the ability to communicate, form relationships and understand everyday activities

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