Tuesday, 27 September 2011

News and events...

Some bits and pieces of news and information in this week's blog post.

First up is a heads up for our Delicious page. This is where you'll find links to some of the latest research on Autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorders.Whilst we don't necessarily endorse the research linked to, its important to provide a resource which helps those of you with an interest to keep up to date with work being carried out in this area of research. If you're on Delicious yourself...please link to us and our page :-)

Next, there's our Scoop.It page. here you'll find all the latest news stories as well as some of the research summaries. This resource displays the infomation in a pictoral tabloid style so it's easy to read summaries of the stories before opening the full article. Try it out and become a follower...

Our facebook page is where you'll find details of all our community and fundraising activities, as well as our photo albums of past events. We've loads planned in the near future, including a Clyde ZipSlide this weekend, a Forth bridge Abseil, the Big 5K fun run, the Tune in to Autism concert at St Andrews in the square (Glasgow) and many more. If you have'nt already done so, please 'like' us over on Facebook :-)

Don't forget our twitter stream for up to the minute news and chat. Its a great way to engage with us, share resources, or just chat ! Follow us and we'll follow you back...

Our website is full of information and resources to help those affected by Autism, their families, friends and professionals who wish to access our services. Latest additions include the full text of our Chief Executive Alan Somerville's interview in this year's Holyrood review, and up to date details of our training events.

If you've accessed any of these sites, let us know what you think, or of any suggestions for improvement you might have. We'd love to hear from you :-)

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