Wednesday, 29 February 2012


This is today's hashtag on twitter. What will you do today, on this extra day we get this year, to make a difference? We've lots of ideas over on Our Face Book page some little, some big, but all of which will make a difference to raising awareness of Autism across the land.

Much of the time, it's not easy when one or several of your family needs help with their ASD's. Often "lack of funding" is cited as folks are shunted of the ends of waiting lists into the sidings where they just have to make progress under their own steam. The stress an pressure this puts on families and carers is unbelievable and at times, unbearable. Have a look at this post from the Autismmumsanddads blog. It's a shameful story of how one family has to suffer due to 'issues' with Speech and Language therapy...

What sort of a country is it where Barclays Bank boss Bob Diamond is reported to have been awarded a £9million+ bonus and yet kids with autism can't access the medical interventions they need?

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