Sunday, 29 April 2012

New for Dundee

Can you help in Dundee?

As you will know from our newsletter, Scottish Autism is going from strength to strength, broadening its reach, improving and extending its services. This is good news for everyone living with autism in Scotland and their families. To keep up the momentum, we need to grow fundraising and attract new

To this end, I am about to focus on Dundee for some new fundraising activity over the next 12 months – we have a growing service there supporting 17 adults in various ways and, as some of you know, I live closer to Dundee than to Alloa! To help me, I am looking for a handful of supporters who want to raise awareness of autism in the city and get involved in creating some new events.

I am looking at three ways to engage different groups of new supporters with our charity : a dinner, raffle/auction event for the over 35s, a club night idea for the under 25s and some fun ideas for the under 12s to do at school or in after-school clubs, brownies, scouts etc. All three would be take place around Halloween, 31 October, which presents theme and an opportunity not used much by many charities.

I will be sounding out local businesses, colleges and schools over the next few weeks or so. Any funds raised could be used for various Scottish Autism projects, some national such as our advice line and some local, such as the Dundee outreach service.

Would you like to help in any way – however small? I know everyone is busy and time is precious so I am not asking for much commitment – at most meeting once a month until the end of 2012. As a local contact on the ground, you are in the right place to spot opportunities and provide links into the local community. You may also know someone who’d like to help with you.

Have a think and please let me know your thoughts!

Look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,


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