Friday, 25 May 2012

More from those wonderful folks over at DimensionsUK...great news! The next Autism Friendly Film Screening will be Men in Black 3 – Sunday 17th June @ 11:30. Tickets Available From 11am on Wednesday 13th June.

Please help spread the word by forwarding this email on to your contacts or printing out the attached flyer to show to people. Every month we are contacted by new people who have just heard about the project and who are really pleased that they now have the opportunity to watch newly released films in a more inclusive environment.

Thanks to your efforts even more cinemas have joined in with these monthly special screenings and there are more than 80 taking part. To view a full list of participating cinemas please visit

Autism Friendly Screenings are mainstream films shown in a sensory friendly environment. Lights are on low, sound is turned down, trailers are omitted and people can bring their own food, make noise and move around the cinema as they feel comfortable. The screenings are for anyone who would benefit from the subtle differences made to the cinema environment and we hope it will enable people who may struggle to enjoy mainstream cinema to experience this newly released film with friends and family.

· Film starts at 11.30am – there are no trailers so please make sure you are seated by 11.30am

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