Wednesday, 8 August 2012

MP visits Clannalba...and you can too..

MP David Mundell recently visited the Scottish Autism service at Clannalba, near Biggar in South Lanarkshire. This is a wonderful place which provides much needed help for families affected by Autism.. Its important to realise that Autism affects not only individuals, but those who care for them as well. Respite is always a difficult choice for many folks. Placing someone close to you in another's care, even for a short period can be a difficult decision, but respite is a life-saver for many who look after family members affected by Autism 24/7. Clannalba provides this respite (amongst other services) in the form of short breaks individually tailored to each service user.
Social work departments can make referrals to Clannalba for those families affected throughout Scotland. Its a fabulous place where individuals and adults diagnosed with Autism can be safe and enjoy purposeful activities....have a read of our press release, and go to the site for more information. Or ask your own social work department for further details on referrals...

From the press release on our website....

Clannalba services include residential, short breaks, emergency respite, specialist support and transition, all focusing on enabling individuals with autism to have positive life experiences.
Mr Mundell was welcomed by Adam Brodie, Scottish Autism’s Regional Manager, and the charity’s Director of Autism Services, Jackie Latto who gave him a tour of the facilities and an overview of the key services provided at Clannalba, located in Lamington, near Biggar.
Clannalba has operated since 1996, during which time it has helped and supported over 700 families. It offers a wide range of planned and purposeful periods of short breaks and respite for children and adults diagnosed with autism. Clannalba is also one of the few places in Scotland offering a transitional support service where young and mature adults with autism can be prepared for a more independent life.
Jackie Latto said: “We’re delighted to welcome Mr Mundell back to Clannalba.
"We are really lucky to have their expertise and facilities on our doorstep."                 David Mundell MP
“Clannalba is a real centre of excellence here in South Lanarkshire, supporting both children and adults with autism and helping improve their quality of life. All Scottish Autism staff receive autism specific training enabling them to deliver a high quality service that responds to the needs of service users and their families.”
David Mundell MP said: "Clannalba is a wonderful facility for young people with autism and their families. We are really lucky to have their expertise and facilities on our doorstep. Every time I visit I am impressed by the organisation’s forward looking mentality. It is great to see the positive results of the hard work they are doing to help service users to live independently within the community."

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