Wednesday, 10 October 2012

BAAGS awarded funding from the Scottish Autism Development Fund..

Borders Autism and Asperger's Group Support ( BAAGS)  are delighted and honoured to have been awarded £14,500 from the Scottish Autism Development Fund.  This money will be used to set up and run an Employment Transition Project which will bring highlight the positive attributes a person with Autism can bring to the Employment section of their lives.  We will be inviting all employers and potential employers to attend a series of events to highlight the positivities of Autistic people and how they can become valuable employees and colleagues. Here is some more information from their press release....

Employment and Transitions Project

The aim of BAAGS is to bring together employers, employment agencies, volunteer agencies, supporting agencies and potential employers to show them the skills and abilities which persons with an Autistic Condition can bring to the working environment that can be positive, helpful and insightful.

We would like to encourage all business people – regardless of size of work force, type of business or location of business – to consider employing a person who has Autism to join them. 
Employment includes voluntary employment, full-time hours, part-time hours, night shift, day shift, twilight shift, in-doors, out-doors, light labour, heavy labour, computing, retailing, designing, planning, administrating, supporting, advising,…… the list is endless, the opportunities are endless.

We shall be inviting employers and potential employers to seminars which will offer a short presentation highlighting the statistics of unemployment currently held by adults with Autism, and the skills and expertise which those adults could be offering to the wide range of business opportunities there are across the Scottish Borders.
The Seminars will be an ideal opportunity for managers, staff, directors, owners and executives to network their own businesses and to meet with people who can offer support, guidance and suggestions on how valuable an Autistic person can be to their company for continued success.

We are encouraging all adults with Autism who have an interest/wish to enter employment to contact us so we can learn their skills, their interests and their ideas which we can share with those employers.
We will also be encouraging the existing employment supporting agencies and organisations to come to the Seminars so they can highlight their expertise and share how they would be able to offer on-going support to an Autistic person in the workplace if support were required.

So...if you live in the borders, why not get in touch with BAAGS? they can be contacted on 01896 668961 or by email at

And check out their website at

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