Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Tune In to Autism....the interviews...

Tune In to Autism is raising money to provide music therapy through Scottish Autism for those affected by Autistic Spectrum disorders. At the recent Wicker man music festival,  we took the chance to interview and photograph a few of the artists who were wearing the rather fetching Tune In to Autism headphones. 

Hannah Currie from music promoters MILK caught up with Alban Dickson, bass player with upcoming band the Miniature Dinosaurs for a quick chat about music and his experiences of working with young people with Autism ...

·         How does music improve your life?

Music is utterly inescapable in the world today; it is used to sell products, bring happiness, provide empathy. I find it difficult to consider what life would be like without any music! However, on a personal level, I've always found music to be there when you just need to express yourself and that is something so unique and important in life itself.

·         What is your favourite track ever?
There are some songs, which I remember hearing from my parents' vinyl collection as I grew up, that always put a smile on my face; Moving on Up (Primal Scream), Loser (Beck) and even Dance to the Music (Sly & The Family Stone) before Shrek made it cool. I couldn't possibly pick out a favourite though, but the memories attached to songs like those are very profound for me, and it's the memories that you can relate to songs which is what really makes them yours.

·         What's your favourite music memory?
The memory of a first gig is always going to be up there! I would say I have two however. The first-first concert which my dad took me to, a free jazz ensemble which I appreciated enough to fall asleep at. Then the first time my friends and I went to see a band together, as we developed our own musical identities, which was Franz Ferdinand and Fire Engines. Nobody in that crowd had a clue who Fire Engines were - ourselves included!

·         Do you have any upcoming gigs, events, happenings etc?

We just reased our single "Lemonade" and are about to tour the new EP "Turn It On" accross the UK. We are looking forward to travelling everywhere from Ullapool to Devon! Hopefully, by traversing the country back and forth for a couple of weeks, some people might hear our music for the first time.

·         Do you have any links with autism 

 It's not really musically related but I coach a disability football team and we have some players who are on the spectrum. 

(photo - Alban Dickson, bassist, and Barry MacLean, singer with the  Miniature Dinosaurs)

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