Sunday, 2 September 2012


Here is the press release announcing the latest gig from 'Tune In to Autism'.

Some of the best bands from the Scottish independent music scene are joining forces to support Scotland's autism charity, “Scottish Autism”, by holding a gig at the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh on Thursday 11th October to raise funds for the charity’s music therapy programmes in Scotland.

The “Tune into Autism” event has been organised by three friends in the music, marketing and film industries in Edinburgh who have joined forces to put their love of music to good use. Hannah Currie who works in the film industry by day, also runs successful live music and club nights in Glasgow called MILK and LAID, Angus McGuire is a lawyer who is active in the Scottish music scene and Leanne Mabberley is Assistant Marketing Director at Edinburgh Napier University. These three volunteers have pooled their resources, energy and contacts to raise funds that will help more people on the autistic spectrum gain access to music-based therapies.  

 The line-up includes the indie quartet, “The OK Social Club”, whose music has appeared on Sky Sports Soccer AM and MTV Rocks and the Glasgow based, folk-pop band “Randolph's Leap” who recently appeared at Fence Record’s hugely successful Away Day as well as “The Holy Ghosts” who perform a mixture of rock n’ roll, country and blues.

Music brings enormous pleasure to us all and has particular benefits for people on the autistic spectrum. Someone who sees these benefits first hand is Mona El-Sayed, one of Scottish Autism's music practitioners who specialises in this area. She says: “Music activity really helps to grow self-esteem and offers the individual an alternative means of self-expression and communication. It's also fun and helps to reduce stress and anxiety.”

Raff Eragona, the singer and guitarist for OK Social Club said that: “We are delighted to be part of “Tune into Autism” as both myself and Chris Finn, our guitarist and vocalist, have family members who are affected by autism so the cause is close to our hearts. We tend to do charity gigs often as it’s very important to us that we support good causes, whether those causes affect us directly or not but even more so when they do.”
Adam Ross the singer from Randolph's Leap said: "I was pleased to be asked to be involved in the event. I think it is important for music therapy to be promoted and funded. It is good to know that people with autism can benefit from the interaction and creativity associated with making music and I hope that ‘Tune Into Autism’ project will continue to help provide care and assistance to those who need it."
The Holy Ghosts’ guitarist Jon Mackenzie says, “We are really proud to be involved. It’s an amazing feeling to know that we are helping people with autism to get the best support they can in life. The fans of all the bands involved will also be made more aware of Scottish Autism, which will hopefully inspire them to get involved with the charity.”

Angus says the team are hoping to raise enough money to buy an exciting new electronic musical instrument for Scottish Autism's Music Rooms called “The Skoog.” This instrument was developed in Edinburgh and can be used by people of all abilities to create a variety of musical sounds and acts as a touch sensitive, multi-instrument with software capabilities for recording.  It is a fun and engaging resource that would be of immense benefit to the budding musicians at the Music Rooms in helping them to express their creativity.
 The event will hopefully encourage other musicians and performers to participate in the “Tune into Autism” initiative and offer their time and talent to raise funds at music events.

Carolyne Nurse, Fundraising Manager at Scottish Autism says “By taking part in the “Tune into Autism” event, you will not only enjoy a great evening of music but will be making a positive contribution to the lives of an estimated 50,000 families living with autism in Scotland.”

The gig is open to all and kicks off at 7.30pm on Thursday 11th October at the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh. Tickets cost £5 and are available at the door, online at or by phone on 0844 477 1000.

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