Thursday, 3 November 2011

Press release...

Here is the press release from Scottish Autism yesterday in response to the launch of the new Government strategy for Autism...


Scottish Autism has welcomed today’s launch of a strategy for autism for Scotland by the Scottish Government saying it is an important step forward in enhancing the lives of those who are affected by the condition.

Today’s unveiling of the national autism strategy by Minister for Public Health, Michael Matheson MSP was welcomed by Alan Somerville, Chief Executive of Scottish Autism, a charity which helps those with the condition lead a richer and fuller life.

Mr Somerville said: “As an organisation focused on quality care provision, we believe today’s launch is great news for people with autism and their families. It is an important step towards further enhancing the quality of life of those with the condition, especially as they progress into adulthood, and addressing the inequalities that many currently face in accessing health, education and everyday opportunities.

“The strategy will help us reach a point where people with autism lead fuller, more productive lives with the appropriate standard of required support - which varies across the spectrum of the condition. This approach can ultimately benefit us all - if people with autism are better cared for we can help them maximise their potential and reduce the negative interventions required to deal with those who slip through the net.

“This can ultimately mean, for example, a reduction in the number of people with autism in Scottish prisons, a figure which is currently disproportionately high. It can also lead to better management of healthcare resources with early intervention services to avoid shoring up major health issues in future. Overall, it moves us towards a position where people with autism can access the same level of opportunity for participation and citizenship that others do.

“Of course, we’ve a long way to go until we can put in place a model that delivers for the needs of people with all the differing forms of autism but today’s announcement is a welcome step forward.”

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