Thursday, 17 November 2011

QR codes

Most of you will have noticed the increasing number of these funny black and white boxy things with what looks like crazy line patterns inside them. Well, for the uninitiated, they are called QR codes. The QR stands for quick response. The idea is that you use your smartphone app (downloadable for free from all app stores, whatever your operating system/platform) to scan the code, and this then opens up a website or weblink. Its a very quick way to access specific websites when you're out and about and very useful to businesses who want you to look at their on-line spaces.We've started using QR codes here at Scottish Autism. Have a go with this one above from us....:-) Its our text to donate if you can, please, please, please remember its nearly Christmas, be generous, and help us to carry on with the work we do and the vital services we provide which improve the quality of life for so many folk with Autism and their families !

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