Thursday, 3 November 2011

A Strategy for Autism in Scotland

Those of you who live in Scotland might have see Scottish Autism Chief Executive Alan Somerville talking from the New Struan School near Alloa about the Scottish Government's new Autism Strategy on the Evening news last night.

There is going to be funding of £13.4 million ( an extra £3.4 million than originally planned) to be spent on, amongst other things, a network of local 'co-ordinators' whose role will be to provide information, support and advice for people with Autism and their families and more drop in centres. A development fund is also being established to provide grants, to which local groups and national organisations can apply.

The strategy which has been launched will be welcomed by charities and the estimated fifty thousand individuals affected by Autism in Scotland. And it is very much needed. A recent survey showed that many people can wait for over two years just to get a diagnosis, and many fail to get the help they need because those who are expected to provide help in local authorities and other organisations are just not fully aware of their needs or don't understand the impact Autism can have on those who are affected or on those around them...

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